The Divorce Photo Shoot: Is it Right For You?


Apparently,the post divorce photo shoot is the new rage.
A Dubuque-based photographer Josephine, 25, and her client Catherine Marie Meisenburg set a new trend in the divorce universe with their viral “Divorce Photo Shoot” that hit the Internet in June this year. Now everybody wants a divorce photo shoot. The pair received a lot of media attention from the shoot, and a lot of criticism too. But the Iowa based pair have no regrets and the young photographer is even getting requests all over the country from people who want to do a divorce photo shoot. What about you? Can you see yourself doing one?
It is quite possible that an activity like a divorce photo shoot could bring a person who recently got divorced a little mirth and light-heartedness. What could possibly be wrong with getting dolled up and having a little bit of fun in a totally innocuous way?
A divorce photo shoot may not be right for everyone but could it be something that the doctor has ordered for you?
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