Do Blonds Have a Higher Rate of Divorce Than Brunettes?

I was reading this article and I came away wondering whether hair color could be determinant for likelihood of divorce for some women. According to the author of the article, a poll was taken of 1000 men who expressed a preference for brunettes as wives by a rate of 54 percent to 16 percent. It seems some of these men thought that the brunette wife was “deeper” than her blond counterpart.
So it leads me to wonder about the divorce rate. If men marry brunettes by a significantly higher margin than they marry blonds, then mathematically there probably are more divorced brunettes than blonds, but perhaps the rate of divorce could tell a different story. That is, fewer blonds are married – based on that poll anyway – so therefore it take fewer of them to explode the divorce rate in their group. Or no? Do I have this wrong?
It is interesting though. And then it begs the question: who or what is a “brunette”? Is this only white women with brown/black hair? Is that how “brunette” is defined? Or could it also be asians, hispanics and, even black women with dark hair. What is a “brunette” exactly? And as for blonds, are they counting only women who are naturally blond or does this stat also include women who dyed their hair?