Is attorney Laura Wasser Trying to discredit Amber Heard in the Court of Public Opinion?

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce enter its 3rd month of he said she said, court papers filed by opposing counsel allege that Wasser is trying to “intimidate” Amber Heard and “discourage her from telling the truth.” Further, Wasser is accused of “waging a malicious war against Ms Heard in the court of public opinion.” Wasser allegedly called Heard “Manic” and “Hysterical.”
What would Ms Wasser or her client Mr Depp stand to gain if Amber Heard is discredited in the court of public opinion?  Obviously if a hate tornado erupted in social media against Amber, she will devolve into a basket case. This will probably give Johnny a leg up in the negotiating room. Chances are pretty good that that is a difficult negotiation. These are topics Ms Lewis tackles in Her book How to Divorce: Book 2, this idea of “public perception” and how it can have an impact on the outcome of your divorce case, how to negotiate with a difficult spouse and even how to dress for divorce court. For example, in the chapter “How to Dress for Divorce Court” the author writes:

It is not fair, but what you wear to court can have an impact on how you are perceived by the court. And if this is a high profile situation, it can have an impact on media reports about you and public perception about you which the court and your ex and opposing counsel will all be privy to from the daily news reports. Unfortunately, even judges can be influenced by public perception.

So evidently it is not just about how you dress because Amber Heard has not been making any fashion statements with her wardrobe, so far at least. When it comes to your divorce, you are always one toenail away from dropping into the court of public opinion no matter what you do.  With Amber, it seems to be more about her temperament. It seems the opposing side is trying to paint her as a psychological mess. Thus, if she is a “mess” maybe she is making all these allegations up about Mr Depp. Of course, there is video evidence that has been recently diffused that would appear to support Amber’s allegations. However it cannot be overstated that she is still in danger of losing her credibility each time allegations are made or leaks occur that appears to paint her in a negative light.
And what is true for Amber is true for anyone else – even if you are not a celebrity. Because your divorce itself, depending on what is going on, can turn you into a viral celebrity overnight. In her book, Ms Lewis also discusses this issue of the viral divorce. It is in chapter called “How to Have a Viral Divorce.”
A copy of How to Divorce Part 2 is available in the Kindle Store for 99 cents as well as on Amazon Books for $5.99 starting August 15, 2016.