How to Deal With False Accusations of Cheating & Infidelity

When Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were divorcing in 2016, he allegedly accused her of having an affair with Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie’s ex husband. Ms Heard and Mr Thornton vehemently denied the accusation. But that apparently did not stop Mr Depp from going to ballistic that he severed on of his fingers, allegedly, in the meltdown.
This inspired this post: how to deal with false cheating accusations. A quick run around the Internet reveals that it is a pretty common problem. A lot of wives in various forum discuss having this problem with their spouse. One woman opined that he was projecting his own infidelity onto her with his relentless and ridiculous accusations. The trouble is that as ridiculous as these accusations can be sometimes, they often result in domestic violence for the wife. What can a person do?
First, be innocent for real. Do not cheat on your spouse.
Second, Deny the accusations no more than 3 times. If after denying 3 times (and really being innocent) your spouse continues to accuse you, then these accusations are probably not about you. And there is nothing you can say to change your spouse’s mind so you might as well don’t say anything.
Third, suggest marriage counseling
Fourth, Be sure you can account for your time and be transparent with your spouse about where you are and where you are going to be.
Fifth, if these accusations are being made in a public forum (for example, you are a public figure) consider hiring a PR firm to deny the charges and clear your good name.
If the person you are being accused of having an affair with knows your spouse, consider having this person talk with your spouse about the matter.
Finally, if your spouse continues to harass you without cause over something as serious and as sensitive as infidelity, my may need to get the hell out of the marriage because this person could literally kill you one day in a jealous rage.
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