Read an Excerpt From "Infidelity: Cheating, Love Affairs & Divorce"

Hello all,
So I am on a quest to write 100 books, most of which — but not all — will be on the subject of divorce and separation. (Can you imagine anybody writing 100 divorce books? I think this is not possible. I would not even try. Even though the subject of divorce and separation and marriage is a very fertile topic and  there  are so many different angles and nuances to it, I think 100 books on the topic by one author is not possible. I do think it is possible to get a ton of books out of the subject of divorce but I am not going to write 100 books on the subject of divorce. I will write 100 books some of which will be on the subject of divorce. But I have so many other things I would like to write about than just divorce.)
With that said. Divorce and separation are unfortunately quite commonplace in some circles. The fact that it is commonplace does not mean it is any less painful than in the old days.  One of the most painful aspects of divorce, I think, is adultery. It is still true that a disproportionate number of marriages implode due to adulterous behavior of one or both spouses.
This weekend, I started the first in a new trilogy of divorce books. If you have been following on this blog, you will know that the first trilogy I wrote was on the subject of “How to Divorce” and you can visit the Divorce Saloon bookshop to see the titles.  Now I am doing a second trilogy. The first book in this trilogy is called: Infidelity: Cheating, Love Affairs & Divorce.
To read an excerpt, go to my website where I discuss the books in detail here.
I can hardly wait to finish!