KEY CONCEPTS COVERED IN THE BOOK "Infidelity: Cheating, Love Affairs & Divorce"


by Lawyer X
So I am sitting here listening to Katy Perry’s Fight Song at full volume in my ears (what an awesome song!) and I am blogging simultaneously. After this post, I have to go work on the book I am working on right now. I think it is book 25 in the 100 I have decided I am going to write – cause I am out of my cotton picking mind.
This particular book is for the divorce book shelf. It is called Infidelity. The book is still a few days from being ready for consumption. (It will be available starting August 25, 2016) I have about 4 chapters left to write and then I can proofread and upload it and then you can eat it. Giggle, giggle. I love this Katy Perry song!!!! My power is turned on, baby. I am on a roll!!! This book is gonna be great!

Kissing other people when you’re married “doesn’t go over big with your spouse” according to DONALD TRUMP

So. The book. INFIDELITY. It has been an interesting project, actually.  It provokes a lot of questions – ancillary questions, consequences, concerns that go well beyond the act of  kissing someone you should not be kissing WHEN YOU MARRIED!
Why are you kissing other people when you are married? Dating while you’re married. This is not going to “go over big with your spouse.” Donald Trump once said that. When he cheated on Ivana, it didn’t “go over big.”
Really, I am just editing the book. It is based on selected posts from Divorce Saloon on this subject of infidelity. The chapters are all about how certain variables impact on infidelity which then impacts on the divorce filing – including but not limited to:


  • Human nature
  • Facebook
  • Guilt
  • Money
  • False accusations
  • Celebrity
  • Gender biases

I think infidelity is a very complex thing. It is a subject that many people in the world could relate to – even if they were not married to the person with whom they had this experience. It is just something that leaves something on everyone in the vicinity, isn’t it? I would imagine that most people in the entire world are touched in some way, shape or form by infidelity.
I can’t wait to finish it.