MORE INFIDELITY NEWS: Jamaican Track Star Usain Bolt Caught in Bed With Another Woman

Usain Bolt is not married. So he did not commit adultery. But did he commit an act of “infidelity?” Or was he unfaithful, merely?
Bolt, in case you have been living under a rock, is a Jamaican track and field star who is well endowed with a truck load of gold medals from 2 or 3 Olympic Games – 2012, 2016. People really like this guy and respect him as an athlete. Back home in Jamaica, he is said to have a steady and serious girlfriend named Kasi Bennett and according to Mr Bolt’s sister, Usain was thinking of popping the question to Kasi when he returned home from Rio. It is now being alleged that a young woman named Jady Duarte has posted pictures of herself and Mr Bolt in bed. It is ostensibly a one night stand only. But sure to be devastating to his main girl friend back home when she catches wind of this. One can only hope he used all necessary precautions.
Why wasn’t Kasi in Rio with her man? That is the question.
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