Infidelity vs Wife Battery: Which is worse?


We have been discussing the issue of infidelity quite a bit this week because of Lawyer X’s book which has finally dropped today – one day late – on Amazon and as well as on Kindle. (I don’t think that link is live as yet)
And then today, Lawyer X and I were talking about different issues concerning divorce such as domestic violence. I think that whole topic came up because we were talking about politics at the water cooler and one of the higher ups on the Donald Trump campaign was accused of battery by his wife in divorce papers. I think the guy’s name is Stephen K. Bannon. Obviously, these are allegations we don’t know what the actual facts are with this but it did inspire a very lively debate because I think it is infinitely worse to hit your wife than to cheat on your wife. Most of my colleagues agree that physical violence is much worse than sexual infidelity.
But is it really? Both, obviously are horrible. I don’t think anybody says to their husband “please don’t hit me cheat on me instead.” Or “Please don’t hit me cheat on me instead.”
Both transgressions are obviously deal-breakers potentially.
But do you think it is worse to cheat than hit? Or do you think it is worse to hit than cheat? Tell us what you think.


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