Johnny Depp Amber Heard Divorce Updates: He Pays Charities directly. She cries Foul. Can he do that?

Can Johnny Depp pay Amber Heard’s divorce settlement directly to the charities of her choice?
“I would think it depends on the terms of their settlement agreement,” says NYC attorney Lawyer X who is a divorce coach and who also happens to be the Editor in Chief of this website. “But it does seem a bit unusual that a party would take it upon themselves to pay a contracted and stipulated amount of a divorce settlement to a third party, notwithstanding the fact that Ms Heard is on record saying she would pay the monies, in full, to charities.”
I have to agree with Lawyer X. I am not a practicing divorce lawyer but it seems a little bit nuts to think that a couple gets divorced and the husband sends the alimony or property settlement they agreed to, to someone else.
Moreover, Amber has argued that he is doing it so that he can reduce his tax bill.
When I asked Lawyer X about that she agreed that this maneuver could probably allow Mr Depp to escape full liability towards Amber because he could reduce his taxes. “I am not a tax lawyer,” Lawyer X said “But it appears that he could very well get a tax break with that move. And it makes me a bit fearful that maybe there is some kind of loophole in the stipulation of settlement, maybe, that Amber’s attorney could have missed, that would allow Johnny and his attorney to pull an outrageous move like this. Because it is a little bit outrageous.”
I asked Lawyer X to clarify why it is outrageous and she explained that if Depp is choosing how and when and how much he pays and to whom, that something is amiss with the settlement that they signed. Because Depp has very good lawyers and so they would advice him appropriately. In this situation, it appears that Depp is paying piece meal, when he decides. Amber appears not to have any say over his payments. She cannot conduct an accounting of the payments because he is holding all the strings, cards and cash.
“I just have never heard anything like this,” said Lawyer X. “Something is wrong somewhere if Johnny Depp can do this and get away with it. Based on my own personal experience, I would say this is unprecedented and utterly insane.”