UK: Lottery Winners Divorced, Wife Cheated With "Real" Millionaire

It seems infidelity is in the air. It must be you-know-who’s fault. Since she wrote the book, everybody is getting outed. The latest is a couple in England who won the lottery in 2004, invested in a successful business, but then watched as their marriage crumbled to cake crumbs. The wife, Victoria Jones bought the winning ticket twelve years ago. But she now says it was the most wretched thing that could have happened to her and their marriage. Now it has been reported that she has left her husband for a real millionaire. The UK Telegraph:

A married couple who won £2 million in the National Lottery have divorced after the wife began a relationship with one of the UK’s richest men.
David and Victoria Jones won £2.3 million in 2004, having been married for a month, and used the money to set up a successful property portfolio in Devizes, Wiltshire.
Twelve years on, the pair have said the lottery ruined their lives” and that they wish they had never won.
Mrs Jones, 41, who bought the winning ticket with the last pound coin in her purse, has reportedly left her husband for wealthy businessman Mike Clare.