Why Do Cheaters Cheat? Is it a Fear of Total Commitment?

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It seems we are living in a world where there is a culture of cheating that is increasingly accepted by the masses. Cheaters today are bolder, more shameless, and are increasingly gender neutral. That means both men and women are likely cheaters in relations today as compared to historical trends.

In the past, it was the cheating husband that was the menace to a marriage. But cheating wives are just as likely to stray.
Many best sellers have been written on this issue of marital infidelity. You can download many e-books on Kindle, kobo, Nook on this topic.
In this book, INFIDELITY: CHEATING, LOVE AFFAIRS, & DIVORCE the author focuses on cheating and marriage and the impact that has on interpersonal relationships and marriage – and ultimately DIVORCE. Are married cheaters more likely to end up getting divorced today than in the past? Or are they more likely to stay and work on healing the pain and rebuilding the trust after a partner has been unfaithful?
It definitely is possible to recover after infidelity and many couples, including some in the public eye, have demonstrated this beautifully. This book does not take a position on what a couple should do after the betrayal of an extra-marital affair. It simply opens for discussion the ancillary issues and questions that result, such as “why do people stay after infidelity” and “Why are women with higher earning power (and more education) than their husbands more likely to commit adultery?” and “Is it possible to cheat ‘respectfully”?
In the end the book does not seek to answer “why” people commit adultery. Perhaps it is as simple as them wanting to avoid commitment — of giving themselves completely to someone else. Who knows? It really takes a look at the fact that cheating does happen and what are the unintended consequences that can occur.here
This book is available on Amazon both as a paperback and as a digital e-book. You can find the link here