Anthony Weiner Sends New Sex Texts And Huma Abedin Has Had Enough

According to the New York Post, Clinton Aide Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner has sent out new sext messages to another woman over the weekend while his wife was out of town, and his beleagured wife has had enough. It’s just quite enough. Abedin announced this morning that she has “separated” from Weiner after a long and painful period during which they attempted, I guess, to mend their broken marriage. Because as you recall, Anthony has done this exact same thing before, than once, and Huma has forgiven him but this time, she seems to be out of passes for this individual – her soon to be ex husband.
Huma was in the Hamptons with Mrs Clinton and other family members when she got the news that Anthony had been up to his old tricks with the text sexts again.  Poor Huma. This is a form of infidelity, though not adultery. This is the difference I think that Lawyer X was talking about in this post. What Weiner clearly committed is a form of emotional infidelity with those texts, not adultery or sexual infidelity. No matter. Huma would still like to get out of this situation. And who can really blame her? Jeeze.

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