Will Rudy Giuliani's teeth lead to divorce from wife Judith Nathan Giuliani?

Politico did a piece about Rudy Giuliani asking: Is Rudy Giuliani losing his mind? It was a good question because the picture they used sure presented the image of a man who very well could be. I have never seen the former NYC mayor look like such a demented madman.
His teeth down below were so brown they were almost black and his mouth was just widely agape. It lookted nuts. (sic intended.)
It does beg the question: What does his wife Judith Stish Nathan Giuliani think about her husband’s teeth? Does this vision turn her on? Or does it turn her off?
Apparently, Mr Giuliani smokes cigars. So that is what has ruined his bottom row of teeth. Interestingly the top row is lily white but the bottom row is brownish-black. It is disconcerting. A little bit….gross.
Could something like this lead to his divorce?