Is Angelina Jolie's Poor Health Behind her Divorce From Brad Pitt?

A lot of men can’t handle a sick wife. It is sad but it is true that when a woman falls sick in a relationship and marriage, her partner is often very quickly at the door. The reverse is not true, however. Sick men are nursed, supported and nurtured by a loyal wife and partner who stays in spite of the health crisis.
Angelina Jolie’s cancer scar probably doomed her relationship with actor Brad Pitt. You have to understand that Brad Pitt fell for a bombshell. When they met Angelina was at the height of her fame and her sex appeal was off the charts. Jennifer Aniston could not compete. Angelina was hot. She had the big, full, luscious, authentic breasts. The big lips, the willowy body and cascade of lush beautiful hair. Every man in America who was not gay wanted to bang her.
They described Jennifer Aniston in one magazine at the time as “not the hottest girl in the room.”
Angelina was not very sympathetic. She once said of Brad “he wanted to try something different.”
And did he ever. And it outlasted all the bets by a decade. Jennifer once said it would have been over by that summer. But Brad and Angelina had more than 10 summers together. So Angie got her money’s worth out of this.
And a vineyard, a wine label, a chateau in the South of France, houses in Asia, Louisiana and Los Angeles and so many movie deals (a lot bombed) that she probably would not have otherwise gotten – example when she played Marianne in that movie about the journalist who was shot and got that jerry curl. (This probably should have been a part that went to a actress of color in retrospect). Like By the Sea, the film bombed like a rock tanking in the Dead Sea. In fact, with few exceptions, a lot of Angelina’s movies have bombed since she got with Brad.
Brangelina, in case you have been living under that rock, is no more. Dead. Demised. Angelina filed for divorce today and her lawyer is the same one that repped Amber Heard – Laura Wasser. Laura Wasser is the Angela Bassett of the divorce profession. She gets all the work the way Angela used to get all the work in the 80s and 90s.
Is Jennifer Aniston gloating? Probably a little. What will happen to those six kids? Angelina wants sole physical custody. She is willing to allow Brad visitation. Some reports are that Brad is alleged to have been a big “yeller” at the kids. Allegations only. But if true, probably something Angelina will use against him in order to win.
Actress Lawyer X Cotillard is said to be behind the split but she denies it. She is the French actress Brad acted opposite in the movie coming out soon. The story, if true, is deja vu, the same thing that happened when he was married to Jennifer Aniston and met Angelina on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. It is incredible if true because it would mean that Pitt has a character flaw and cannot be trusted in relationships to star in movies opposite beautiful actresses.
But Angelina did let herself go once she was diagnosed with that cancer situation. She is scary thin, and has lost all her sexiness. She looks very very unhealthy. It is hard to imagine Brad being attracted to her in a sexual way and once that is gone, she loses the man. Most women in her position would. Especially when the man got with them for their appearance. It is true that Angelina got breast implants but that cannot be that attractive when jutting off all that bone.
Brad recently bought a house in Spain. Angelina is lined up for teaching gigs in London and Washington DC.
Stay tuned.