Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Divorce: Is he an abusive Father? Or is he being scape-goated?

Is Brad Pitt the New Face of the Father’s Rights Movement?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt’s marriage appears to have blown up. Can they put the pieces back together? Or is it really over? And will Angelina successfully get the California courts to divest Brad Pitt of custody of his six children (three biological and three adopted) due to the allegations that he violently struck his 15 year old adopted son Maddox and is otherwise abusive to the children, has an anger management problem, drinks and takes drugs and uses objectionable parenting methods?
A lot of the reports that are coming from the Angelina camp are using all the right buzz words to get the court and public to see Brad in the worse possible light within the context of the custody battle that has been launched. And make no mistake about it: Angelina Jolie has launched a custody war with Brad Pitt with the way she chose to file those court documents and the allegations she made in those documents. She thought about this long and hard. There was great deliberation and forethought and strategy that went into when she filed, how she filed and where she filed. As a result, he is being investigated by the FBI and Child Welfare Services in California for child abuse. It doesn’t get anymore serious than that. Plus, there is apparently footage on video.
The Pitts have been together, reportedly, for more than a decade. In all these years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt have been seen in countless photographs jet-setting all over the world with their brood of pulchritudinous children. Clearly, they both love their children and have played a very active role in their lives throughout these years. Angelina is on record praising Brad as an exemplary father. The UN ambassador has said in countless interviews that she and Brad are “partners” and they got together not so much to be a married couple as it was so that they could be “parents together.”
It is quite an about-face therefore to suddenly accuse Brad Pitt of being a “dangerous” father – an allegation that has not been substantiated as actually being the words of the Academy Award winning actress but words that she reportedly uttered.
The divorce filing and its timing comes on the heel of salacious allegations of cheating by Mr Pitt with a french actress named Lawyer X Cotillard who is currently pregnant with, presumably, the child of her husband/partner – a guy named Guillaume. The New York Post recently ran a report that Angelina had hired a private detective to spy on Brad and that she had discovered this alleged affair with Madame Cotillard. Angelina has not yet demanded a retraction nor has she sued the New York Post for defamation but this does not necessarily mean that she won’t or that what the Post reported is true. Nor does it mean it is untrue. Time will tell.

Is this all a smear campaign by Angelina Jolie?

The issue is that, if it turns out to be true, then it raises the question of Angelina’s real motives for this divorce filing and these accusations of child abuse against Brad Pitt. Because in the 12 years they have been together, has this man NEVER been like this before with these kids? He did not yell at them? He did not rough them up before? And if he did, why did she keep quiet about it if she really cares so much about their wellbeing and the “health” of the family? Ten years is a long time to allow abuse of your children. At the same time, if this is the first and only time Brad Pitt acted this way, while it looks and sounds bad, then it would seem to be a bit “exaggerated” to file for divorce after one drunken infraction. The idea being that life is messy and family life is particularly messy and people make mistakes and everybody deserved a second chance if they mess up once. So if this is the first time Brad messed up, Angelina is being harsh. If it comes after a pattern of abuse towards the children, then why did she wait ten years to speak up if indeed she is a mother who puts the wellbeing of her children first? And why is it timed so closely behind these allegations that her husband is having an extra-marital affair?
Is Angelina “manipulative”? A lot of reports are out there saying that she is.  She does seem to be able to scheme to get things done her way though. She does seem to be able to plan and arrange and direct and put things in a certain way. In this post ( Jeannie and I discussed this case and we did this post years back.
We are talking about it again and I think we agree that Angelina Jolie probably got Brad Pitt to leave Jennifer Aniston precisely because of this trait. She did not sleep with him prior to him leaving Jennifer – this is true. But she planned and arranged and put things in a certain way that made it impossible for him to resist and not sleeping with him was part of that strategy. She snared him with her exciting life: the little cute Asian son (Maddox was 3 at the time and cuter than cute); the pilot license and the planes, the exotic trips to exotic locales in places normal people only read about in books, the UN Ambassador thing, the big breasts, the reputation of being bad juxtaposed with this virtuous woman who would not think of sleeping with a ‘married’ man; the giggle; the soft hands; the exploitation of a sensitive moment in his life and marriage where he was probably a little bit bored with his wife…
Yes, Angelina definitely seduced Brad Pitt by…”manipulating” his emotions.
Is she doing the same now to divorce him? Is she using the same strategies to get him to give her what she wants which is exclusive custody of their six children? Probably.
But this time, it is a mistake. She is using her children and robbing them of their father. She should not do this. The children need both her and Brad. She is creating the same experience she had with her own father and it is that which is unhealthy. Hopefully, she will get over her anger about her hurt pride (if indeed he is cheating) and find a common ground with him so that they can continue to coparent in spite of the dissolution of their marriage.
by Lawyer X, Divorce Coach