Angelina Jolie's Organization KIND Could Have Influenced Her Decision to Out Brad Pitt

Angelina recently launched a partner organization with Microsoft called KIND which is an acronym for Kids in Need of Defense. This organization has to do with migrant children but the name of it is pretty ironic and so this idea that Angelina outed Brad just to spite him may not be a complete picture of her motives. Because if she is involved in an organization such as this but then at home she has a situation where her children are being mistreated somehow, in her estimation, then it would seem that she had a responsibility to do something about it. Anything else would just render her a hypocrite.
Sure, there are all sorts of other levels and layers to this. But Angelina has been a voice for children around the world and for refugees and for all these philanthropic causes so she does have a greater responsibility, I think, to show the right example.
This is to say that Brad is this monster they are making him out to be in the press but it is to say that if there is a problem, she had a duty to do something and he certainly, if he is a responsible father, also needs to take some action to “make this right.”