Angelina Jolie's UN Ambassador Role Said to Have Caused Problems with Brad

When they met, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were young, ambitious and famous Hollywood personalities. He was the king of Hollywood – one of the top paid actors in Tinsel Town – and she was regularly at the top of the list of hottest actresses in Hollywood. She was also known as a “wild child” with a penchant for using illegal drugs in her past. But when they met, that aspect of her life was changing. She was cleaning up her act. And she had recently become an Ambassador to the UN Nations for Refugees.
This could have cinched the deal for Brad. It was everything else she was, including the wild child, the former drug user, the big-breasted Hollywood hottie, the owner of real estate in far flung places all over the world including Vietnam and the English country-side, the adopted mother of a 3 year old boy from Vietnam, the pilot license holding bad ass, and on top of that she was an ambassador to the United Nations.
Who wouldn’t find this CV impressive?
But as time went on, Brad began to resent aspects of this CV according to TMZ. Specifically, he was not so keen on Angelina taking the children to war torn countries like Syria, Iran and Lebanon. He thought it was too dangerous.
Indeed, now that they are divorcing and they will be sharing legal custody of their children, Angelina could find that this becomes an impediment to her travel plans or even to her request for custody. Maybe because of her job, Brad might be seen as being the better bet for custodial duties. He is less transient and is unlikely to take the children to the types of places that Angelina takes them to, that could end up being a very dangerous situation that is decidedly not in their best interest.
She could argue that the children are used to this lifestyle and that she takes certain measures including hiring a good security team to protect them from any possible harm. But Brad could easily cast doubt on this especially in the uncertain times in which we live, even with the best security team,¬†he could successfully argue that it is too dangerous to take these children to these countries and that he is the best custodial parent who could keep them out of harm’s way.
Either that or Angelina may have to give up her role with the United Nations. This seems unlikely based on what the article on TMZ claims, that Angelina actually has these lofty political ambitions and that she wants to one day head the United Nations. She reportedly has two political advisors and she also has a “war room” in her houses where she frequently has discussions about how to pull off her ambitions. So she is not going to shelf her dreams because she is divorced. But she may have to agree not to take the children with her, at a minimum, or just hand over custody to Brad.
She knows custody is going to be a big issue in her divorce from Brad. More and more it is looking that her filing and the wording of her petition was a pre-emptive strike to try to secure her position as the one who ultimately wins custody. It remains to be seen how Brad responds. And he will have to be hard and aggressive to counter this so called “smear campaign” that has been launched against him. He will have to reveal things about Angelina that will undercut her claims and her image as being this amazing and wonderful and perfect mother.
It really could get ugly unless these two hash out an agreement between them quietly and out of the public eye.