Brad and Angelina Divorce updates: Could the judge order "split" custody?

#Brad and Angelina Divorce updates


What are the latest Brad and Angelina divorce updates?

What are the latest Brad and Angelina divorce updates? Last I heard, Angelina Jolie has asked the California family court to grant her sole physical custody of her six children with Brad Pitt and joint legal custody. That means that she and Brad will make all legal decisions affecting the children including their schooling, religion, health etc. But the children will primarily live with her and visit with their father on occasion.
Of course, she seems to travel at least once per month so the children will constantly be away and when Brad would actually get to visit with them is speculative at best.
Of course, Brad travels a lot too. Maybe just as much as Angelina. So if they have joint custody, it really could become incredibly confusing just keeping track of where the children are and where they are supposed to be. At this rate it almost seems like some mid air visitation might become necessary!
One solution might be for the court to grant a type of split custody arrangement.
This works really well when there are numerous children in the family. Some children live with one parent primarily and visit the other and some children live with the other parent.
The question is going to become how that would work for Brangelina. How would they split? There are a few possible outcomes

  • The three oldest go to Brad and the Three Youngest Go to Angelina.

In this scenario, Brad would get Maddox, Pax and Zahara and Angelina would get Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox.  This could work out because he would have the bulk of the boys and boys need their dads. But of course if he is already having major conflicts with Maddox (this, after all, was the reason for the split) then maybe it would not be a good idea.

  • The three oldest go to Angelina and the three youngest go to Brad

In this scenario, Brad would get Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox and Angelina would get Maddox, Pax and Zahara. It could work because this way Maddox, the troublesome spot, goes to his mother. He was the first one she adopted and they have a special bond. Pax would be with him and it would be good for him to have a brother. Angelina once said that their adoption decisions were made in part in consideration of “which race fits best with the kids.” So the fact that Pax and Maddox are both Asian and brothers might be good to keep them together. Zahara does to have a racial match but she never did in this family anyway and so she probably can take care of herself – she has to – and it is better for her to go with her mom because, well Angelina adopted her even before she met Brad and really what is Brad going to do with this little girl all by himself? So those three go to Angelina.

  • The three boys go with Brad and the three girls go with Angelina

This could work out but it is a little bit sexist for the judge to make parenting decisions just based on gender but it is not totally unrealistic. The fact is that mothers and daughters share a specific type of bond and fathers and sons share another sort of bond. So it could make sense to separate the kids based on gender. But the other side of that is that having an opposite gender could also have its benefits as far as balancing out the lives of these kids.

  • The three boys with Angelina and the 3 girls with Brad

The could work because again, Angelina would end up with Maddox and Brad would end up with Shiloh. The sisters and brothers would all be together. And enjoy generous visitation when time permits.

  • The adopted kids with Angelina and the biological kids with Brad

This scenario could be adopted without actually saying it in so many words. The judge could just say he is putting the oldest kids with one parent and the youngest kids with the other parent and it would accomplish the same objective and not be politically incorrect. It makes more sense to give the adopted kids to Angelina for obvious reasons. She is the one who went out there and  selected these children and Brad later adopted them once his relationship with Angelina cemented. But these are Angelina’s kids and to give custody of them to Brad would be ridiculous at best. At the same time, Brad’s three biological kids are obviously his main contribution to the family. He probably would prefer to have custody of them than the biological adopted kids. but then again, maybe he doesn’t make this type of distinction.

  • The adopted kids to Brad and the biological kids to Angelina

This scenario seems ridiculous on its face but maybe the couple does not make a distinction between the kids They are all like “blood” and there is no biological vs adopted. In which case, Angelina would get the three youngest and Brad the three oldest.

  • Mix of adopted and biological goes to each parent

In this scenario the judge could say that each parent gets one biological child and one adopted child and then they toss a coin on the third child. So the judge could say that Maddox and Vivienne go to Angelina and Pax and Shiloh go to Brad. Then that leaves knox and Zahara. Zahara to Angelina and Knox to Brad.
So to be clear Angelina gets:

  • Zahara
  • Vivienne
  • Maddox

And Brad gets

  • Shiloh
  • Pax
  • Knox

These are some of the possibilities. Of course, while splitting the kids could work great for the courts and the adults it could be horrible for the children who could prefer to want to stay together as a unit. The judge is likely to interview the children to see what their preferences are. The judge is not obliged to follow the will of the children but certainly their preference – especially for the older children – could factor into whatever decision is ultimately made by the courts.

#Brad and Angelina Divorce updates

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