Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt Had a Prenup

Did Brad and Angelina have a prenuptial agreement?

Rumor is that Brad and Angelina Jolie had a prenup even before they got married. In fact, this agreement was  reportedly inked at least seven years before the couple got married. The couple executed a prenuptial agreement to seal their partnership and at the time, people thought they were breaking up. If I recall correctly, there were a bunch of media reports about them breaking up and in fact the couple sued because they said that the British tabloid had invaded their privacy.
So there is a prenup, I am certain.
But it is unclear what the scope of that agreement is at this time. In theory they have only been married for two years but they have been together for 12 years in all and have done quite a few projects together including several movies financed and produced by Brad’s company Plan B films.
In California where they filed their divorce case, community property laws dictate that whatever is earned during a marriage will be split 50/50 between the divorcing couple unless there is some sort of prenuptial agreement. So even if Angelina is not an owner of Plan B (Brad originally owned this with his first wife Jennifer Aniston) the company has produced a few successful films and any revenues and income that were generated during their 2 year marriage will be split 50/50 unless there is a prenup. Ditto for any real estate that was purchased during the marriage, for example the mansion in Spain that Brad reportedly picked up this year. Unless there is a prenup, Angelina would be entitled to 50 percent of the value of this property, and a judge could request that it is sold or Brad would have to pay Angelina a share of it.
The only thing couples cannot stipulate to in a prenup is who will have custody of the kids. This is not something that can be agreed to beforehand. In a custody dispute the judge will do what is in the best interest of the child.
But back to the prenup. So the couple has a lot of assets including private planes, wineries and expensive furniture. There is a lot of intellectual property too, whether movie scripts, films, goodwill, etc. Some estimates put their networth at a combined half a billion dollars. So there is a lot at stake here and it would be incomprehensible to imagine that they did not have a prenuptial agreement.
by Lawyer X