Could Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Call off the Divorce?


Could Angelina and Brad decide to kiss and make up after all that has happened in the last week? The mid air fight, the booze-fuelled raging, the FBI, Lawyer X Cotillard, the Divorce Filing, and the exposure/airing of their dirty laundry?
“Anything is possible,” says Lawyer X TD Lewis, our editor in chief who also happens to be our resident divorce coach. “I have seen more unlikely things occur in my long life. Nothing surprises me anymore.”
I asked Lawyer X what she thought it would take for these two to kiss and make up. She said the first thing would be that the couple desires to give each other another chance. But she told me that she thinks they need a lot of therapy. “I think this family needs therapy. Family therapy and also marriage counseling,” she said. But she added that she thought maybe one or both partners might have some substance use/abuse issues that needs to be sorted out in order for he and/or she to once again become a functioning part of the relationship.
“Obviously I am not a fly on the wall of that family so I don’t know what is fact and what is not fact,” said Lawyer X. “But from the sound of it, it sounds like Brad may have some things going on and he needs help dealing with it. He is struggling with something, some kind of load, some kind of burden. It happens. I think people often misconstrue celebrity and they think, well, a person is rich and gorgeous and has ten homes around the world and is in a relationship with someone equally gorgeous and they have it all and so they are happy and everything is perfect. The truth is, perfection itself can be a problem for some people to handle. Sometimes, it all can get to be too much. But other things could be going on. It has been a relationship of  long duration and this is normal – I hate to say it – that one or both might stray or have a wandering eye sometimes. I mean, I don’t know. I am speculating based on the reports in the media that Brad may have cheated. This does not necessarily have to mean the end,  though.”
I agree with Lawyer X but I think things could have reached the point of no return once the FBI got involved. It seems like Angelina took a position against Brad that was really absolute. And furthermore, even if he returns to the relationship, he has lost authority over his son Maddox because of this. Maddox is in a position of power now because he knows that Brad will look bad in the press if something else happens and he knows his mother will take his side over her husband. This takes away from Brad’s authority in that home and in that relationship. I asked Lawyer X about that.
“Hme..this is very complicated,” she said. “The thing is, Brad has been publically shamed and exposed in a way that he never has before. I have not seen the video but I am told there is a video, right? In which case, his reputation will take a big hit and once this starts to affect his career, it could be problematic even if he does go back. Do I think it was a question of Angelina taking Maddox’s side? I mean, I guess I have to say yes. It sort of was exactly that. She took Maddox’s side and fully exposed Brad. And it does put Maddox in a position of power. Yes, I think I agree with you there, Jeannie. But Maddox is growing up. He is 15 years old. This was going to happen anyway. He was going to start asserting himself and he is going to do it more. This is why a lot of young people leave home as soon as they turn 18 because it is natural they will want to start flexing their muscles and getting into their parents’ faces and trying to run things in their homes. The fact that Brad is a celebrity does not change this dynamic with his teenage son. The problem is that normal disputes between parents and teenage children are explosive headlines that can destroy a person’s reputation when celebrity is involved. That is the thing with this case.”
In the end, time will tell if the Pitts call it quits for real of if they will reconcile. One thing is for certain, this illusion of this perfect, happy, beautiful Hollywood dream couple we call Brangelina has been forever shattered. And that is a little bit sad.