Is the Brangelina Divorce Karma For Jennifer Aniston?

Back in 2005 when Brad and Jen divorced, she is quoted as saying that Brad had a “sensitivity chip that is missing.” Especially after Brad and Angelina came out in that multi-paged spread in W Magazine. That was seen by many as being highly unfeeling, insensitive and disrespectful to Jennifer. She reportedly had asked Brad to take a time out and try a separation instead of getting divorced straight out and he reportedly refused and said he wanted a clean break, he could not go on. He wanted a divorce. Angelina at the time said in interviews about Brad “I think you realize that you can trust him to do what he said he would do.”
Kudos to Jennifer that she handled the whole thing in stride.
12 years later, it is Brad’s turn to be blind-sided by a divorce request. He reportedly asked Angelina to give him another chance to get his act together. But Angelina refused. Chances are, Angelina does not want to be the one who is dumped. She wants to be the one who does the dumping. There is no way she will allow Brad to dump her and publicly humiliate her in this way so she has to maintain the upper hand and that means no second chances for Brad.
Is she a little bit insensitive to his feelings right now? He is reportedly holed up in his Loz Feliz compound crying about the whole thing, all alone except for his lawyers and assistants. Angelina is said to have turned a deaf ear; has blocked his number and emails and has refused to listen to a word from her father John Voight who Brad reportedly has commissioned to go talk some sense into his daughter. Indeed, Angelina and her father has had a long-standing, tortured relationship and years prior to meeting Brad Angelina was not even on speaking terms with her father. It is Brad who reportedly helped them to patch things up.
But that all being said, Angelina wants nothing to do with Brad right now and she is not even listening to her father.
The movie that Brad recently stared in, Allied, with French actress Lawyer X Cotillard, is a very similar movie to Mr and Mrs Smith where Brad met Angelina. The look of it and the feel of it is very much déjà vu. There is the man and the woman with the high action and the guns, and the talks of marriage and the kissing and all the rest of it. There is even a scene in the sand dunes somewhere in Africa that brings to mind a photo shoot Angelina once did with Vogue. In that photo-spread, Angelina had never been more beautiful and exotic and in the movie, Lawyer X seems to have stolen a little bit of Angelina’s idea (cause one can imagine that Angelina had a say in the location of that shoot.) And there is the baby scene in the Allied movie that seems very similar to Brad’s story with Angelina. No wonder Angelina wanted nothing to do with Lawyer X when she visited the set. The Rumor is that Angelina would not even look at Lawyer X never mind talk to Lawyer X. Lawyer X is quoted as saying that she “thought she would be meeting this great UN ambassador” and instead Angelina would not even look in her direction when she spoke to the Hollywood actress.
Another similarity to Brad and Angelina’s story is that Lawyer X is pregnant with somebody’s child. Angelina very quickly became pregnant with Brad’s child when she and he hooked up in 2005.
It should be stated that Brad has vehemently denied having an affair with Lawyer X during filming of Allied and Lawyer X has too. It should also be noted that both Brad and Angelina had vehemently denied having an affair during the filming of Mr and Mrs Smith.
Reports are that when Jennifer Aniston heard the story of the implosion of the Pitt marriage, her response was “that would be karma for you!”
Is she right?