Why Did Angelina Rent a Home In Malibu BEFORE She & Brad Had a Fight?

The news reports are that Angelina had secretly rented a home in Malibu weeks before the fateful fight in flight from France that infamously finished her Family with Brad. There have been all sorts of interesting bits of details that have emerged and one is that she in fact had rented a very expensive ocean-view mansion in Malibu well before the fight and well before the divorce filing.
If this is true then clearly she was planning to leave before that fight.
So it begs the question whether the fight was staged or instigated.
People have said that Angelina is manipulative and capable of manipulating Brad. Could she also be capable of manipulating her children? Is she the new Mia Farrow?
And the other question I have is what were they fighting about so viciously that it forced Maddox to have to intervene? Some people say it is the french actress is who is now pregnant. The rumor is that there is some sort of thing between Brad and the french actress who is pregnant but the actress, named Lawyer X, says the baby is her husband’s baby. It is her second child with her husband/boyfriend and it is not Brad’s baby.
But the decibel of the fight between Brad and Angelina suggests that something hard occurred between them and it had occurred before the flight/fight and Angelina is very angry about it, angry enough that she was already planning to leave and had rented a house in anticipation of the leave date. Angelina is very angry with Brad.
This type of anger is not usually just about a partner’s parenting skills. This type of anger usually follows infidelity. This type of anger is jealousy anger. Brad has somehow stirred Angelina’s jealous rage, destroyed her trust in him and now she wants nothing to do with him personally or professionally.
Angelina was supposed to even direct Brad in a new movie called Africa and she has pulled out of that project in disgust.
This is not the type of reaction when a partner parents badly. This suggests sexual betrayal has occurred. This suggests a violation of trust that is unforgivable and impeachable and  horrible.
This is not to say that Brad is the father of Lawyer X Cotillard’s baby. Only a DNA test will prove that. But it is to say that yes, Angelina probably did rent the house in anticipation of her split from Brad and Maddox probably intervened in the fight because he already knew things were done with his parents and Angelina is only trying to protect her future with these children because if Brad married Lawyer X (or any other woman) and he has custody of these kids, they could live with him and this other woman and Angelina could not handle that so this is why she is trying to protect her interest from the beginning, starting with renting that house in Malibu.