Brad Gave Angelina Respectability. She Gave Him a Kick in the Pants by the FBI

Angelina Jolie, excuse me for being blunt, was nobody before she met Brad Pitt. Ok, she was a well known personality in Hollywood because she had carved out a reputation for being uber weird. She wore vials of blood around her neck, filled her body with various tats, confessed to having a relationship with heroin, and to being bisexual, and tongued her brother on the red carpet before proclaiming “I am so in love with my brother right now.”
I think people followed Angelina and were fascinated by her  just because they liked to be gobsmacked by her antics.
It was not until she met and started to date Brad Pitt in 2005 that the world suddenly started to treat her like she was American royalty. She has been knighted, apparently by the monarch of Great Britain. The Queen of England is so persuaded that Angelina is a lady that she gave Angelina the title of “Dame Angelina.” Do you think the Queen would have invited the Angelina she was before Brad, when she was for example with Billy Bob Thornton?
Everything about Angelina changed once she hooked up with Brad including her hairstyles, wardrobe and personality. She was instantly much more polished than anyone has ever seen her whether on the red carpet or off. Gone was the dyed black locks and weird hair ornaments. Her hair was suddenly healthy, shiny, lush and coiffed for all her sightings in public. She became so poised and so well dressed that very high end brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and others offered her multi-million dollar endorsement deals. And don’t talk about her personality. She literally morphed into a lady before our very eyes. She was soft and demure and articulate and classy in a way that was just astonishing given the speed with which it happened. People hung on her every word but whereas before it was because they wanted to hear the next weird, bizarre thing she had to say, now it was because she oozed words of philanthropy and goodwill and human rights and so on, and it was so classy, compelling and convincing that people could not get enough.
Then she and Brad lined up all these homes all over the world –  in particular that chateau in the South of France where they also had a vineyard that came out with a well-received award-winning rosé wine – where they further projected this image of glamour, power and respectability all over the world.
Make no mistake about it: Brad Pitt was a big get for Angelina Jolie. It is not the other way around. Sure, she is a woman with great ideas and once they got together and she had a platform on which she could stand and be respectable, she brainstormed ways to expand that and to keep that going. So for sure, the house in the South of France and the vineyard where her ideas. Birthing their children in foreign locals like Namibia and France were also her ideas (and this stuff added to the allure of their relationship and kept tabloids busy for more than a decade).
The arrival of three blond biological children with Brad Pitt increased her “respectability” quotient exponentially. By contrast, if she had had these children  with Billy Bob Thornton or Johnny Depp or even, say, Jim Carey, nobody would care. It is because she had the kids with Brad Pitt that made it such a big deal.
Finally, when he put a ring on it (admittedly it didn’t last that long) she quickly changed her name to Angelina Jolie Pitt. This was good for her and for her image. This expanded her even more.
What did Brad get for his troubles?