Brangelina Divorce: A blogger and a lawyer discuss the case

A conversation about


So below is an excerpt from a conversation I had with our editor in chief Lawyer X. Lawyer X is off again, traveling the world and left me to man the fort. We spoke by skype about the seismic shift known as the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt. Brace yourselves. Lawyer X was not in a very good mood:

Jeannie: So Lawyer X thanks for the posts. I see you added a few today.
Lawyer X: You’re welcome.
Jeannie: So how about this Brangelina thing?
Lawyer X: Incredible.
Jeannie: More incredible than Trump being in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton?
Lawyer X: Let’s not even go there, Jeannie. I’m trying to be happy.
Jeannie: So do you think there was infidelity in the Brangelina divorce implosion/explosion?
Lawyer X: How the hell would I know the answer to that, Jeannie?
Jeannie: Well you are the Divorce Coach!
Lawyer X: Well, yea, but I am not clairvoyant. I was not a fly on the wall. I don’t have any idea about that!
Jeannie. Well, okay. So what else do you want to talk about?
Lawyer X: I don’t know. You are the one who wanted an interview.
Jeannie: Why do you think Angelina didn’t file in France?
Lawyer X: There you go again asking me impossible questions. I don’t know!
Jeannie: But you are the divorce lawyer!
Lawyer X: No I am not. I have not practiced divorce law in a long time. Besides, I am not admitted to practice law in California.
Jeannie: The question is about France, not California. You live in France, don’t you?
Lawyer X: Says who? And even so, I am not admitted to practice law in France and I don’t know the first thing about divorce and family law in France. Nor do I know what Angelina is thinking; what her motivation is.
Jeannie: But what is your hunch?
Lawyer X: I am not even sure I have one. I think maybe she looked into it and considered it but ruled it out. Maybe the family did not have enough minimum contacts with France.
Jeannie: But the twins were born in France! How much more minimum contact do you need?
Lawyer X: I don’t know. I am just speculating. It think that Angelina filed in California because her legal team advised her it was her best option. The best way to get sole custody. I think she would have gotten primary custody in France too. I believe mothers usually are granted custody of younger children in France more often than fathers. But maybe the language barrier. Maybe she was also afraid of the court of public opinion calling her pretentious. Maybe it was just more convenient to file in California. Forum conveniens! What do you want me to tell you, Jeannie?
Jeannie: Do you think Brad cheated? Even emotionally if not physically?
Lawyer X: Are you trying to set me up with that question? Are you trying to get my poverty stricken behind sued?
Jeannie (giggling): Lawyer X, you are in a bad mood. We should have had this interview after lunch. You are always better after you have eaten.
Lawyer X: I mean, I am just saying. I have no idea if Brad Pitt cheated on Angelina Jolie.
Jeannie: Apparently, there was this thing with his co-star. Her is —
Lawyer X: Yes I know. Lawyer X. Her name is Lawyer X. But I ain’t the one so don’t look at me.
Jeannie (giggling): Lawyer X, so seriously, you wrote that book about infidelity lately. How is that going?  Do you have any words of wisdom for the Pitts in case infidelity is or was involved? I heard he also liked Selena Gomez.
Lawyer X: The book is going great. I recommend it. As for the rest, no comment.
Jeannie: But even if he cheated, even if there was infidelity, do you think Angelina should dump Brad?
Lawyer X: Jeannie, I am a divorce coach, not a shrink!
Jeannie: I know. But I am just asking. What do you think?
Lawyer X: Look, it’s hard to say. I think she pushed things a bit far with the FBI and things like that. Sometimes I think you take it to the brink and then you fall off, you know? And you can’t get back up. She could have gone too far. If she hadn’t gone so public maybe they could have found a way to reconcile if they loved each other. And–
Jeannie: Do you think they loved each other?
Lawyer X: Again, I don’t know. I was not a fly on the wall of that relationship but I think quite possibly they did love each other. It was a very long relationship if love was not involved. The way that they looked at each other was also very intense. You can’t fake that.
Jeannie: I agree. But I am Team Aniston so…
Lawyer X: I know. I hear you. But this is beyond the scope, isn’t it? I am not Perez Hilton or Doctor Phil.
Jeannie: Right.
Lawyer X: The important thing as Brad said is what happens to those kids. Who gets custody and how the court handles that whole conflict.
Jeannie: Right. That is going to be huge. I hope they don’t make it get too ugly. I hope they find a way to resolve their differences for the kids sake.
Lawyer X: Ultimately, I think they will for the sake of their children. They are just blowing off steam right now.
Jeannie: Lawyer X, I sure hope you are right.
Lawyer X: I read on TMZ that he is hoping to see the kids this week.
Jeannie: I read that. And apparently they had an ironclad prenup.
Lawyer X: For their real estate, yes.
Jeannie: 12 homes. Can you believe that? Who the heck needs so many houses?
Lawyer X: I just can’t believe that chateau in the South of France. That is one of the 3 houses purchased as a couple; but before their marriage. Apparently they did not purchase anything in the last two years.
Jeannie: Interesting because I heard Brad has bought a house in Spain.
Lawyer X: Me too. But TMZ did not list it as one of the homes they own. And the prenup is ironclad as you said. I read that too. It details exactly who gets what. Most of the real estate they bought before they even met each other. And Brad owned the bulk of it. Angelina only has 2 or 3 pieces.
Jeannie: Do you think she could challenge the prenup?
Lawyer X: Anything is possible. I  mean, I doubt it but it is possible. If it is ironclad she is wasting her time, though.
Jeannie: She doesn’t strike me as being financially greedy.
Lawyer X: How would you know?
Jeannie: It is a hunch. I don’t think she cares about money that much.
Lawyer X: I beg to differ and you did a post about how much she spends per month on a rental property in Malibu. That kind of lifestyle is going to cost big bucks.
Jeannie: So you think Brad will pay child support?
Lawyer X: Hme…who knows how that will all play out. The general rule is that parents have to pay child support. They would have to split the costs and it depends on how custody is arranged if they have joint custody or split custody or what.
Jeannie: Right.
Lawyer X: So…I guess that is about it?
Jeannie: Yea. I guess. Talk soon?
Lawyer X: Yes, why not. I like this skype thing. We should do it more often.
Jeannie: Yes. Let’s.