Is Angelina Jolie Trying to Destroy Brad Pitt's Career?

I am unapologetically Team Aniston. But it does not mean that I can’t be merciful to Angelina during this difficult time. She is a woman, a Hollywood megastar, who was trying to save herself from the global humiliation of being dumped by a man she won in very dramatic fashion from a much beloved TV actress.  She is a woman with a face desperately in need of saving and I don’t blame her for doing her best to save herself. However, there is something that is nagging at me with this whole divorce filing she did.
By all accounts among other things, she is a very calculating woman. I just wonder if she miscalculated her exit strategy with Brad Pitt? I wonder if this man she has described to the world as a “drunken, hard drug using, prostitute patronizing, bad dad who verbally and physically abuses his children” will come back to bite her in the butt?
I should say that this description is an allegation. My editor wants me to make that very clear. I have never heard her say these things about Brad and I have not read the court filing. But I read all over the internet that Angelina has said that during filming of Allied, Brad was within the vicinity of hard drugs and call girls and things like that.  I don’t know if she said that for real and I don’t know if he did that for real. What I am saying is that if either is true, why did she choose to air this out so quickly before they got down into the fight – if there was a fight?
She went for the jugular out of the gate. She wanted to fatally wound him so that he could not fight back. The way she calculated she could do that is by completely destroying his image before the entire world. I think she succeeded in shattering his image forever because no matter what happens, no one will ever forget that these allegations were made and that the FBI investigated him for child abuse. He has been tarnished forever with that one stroke of Angelina’s pen.
What perplexes me is the public nature of this divorce given the lengths they went to live a quiet life out of the glare of the paparazzi. I cannot tell the last time I saw a story on these two except under very controlled circumstances when they are promoting a movie or when Angelina wanted to bring attention to her UN High Commission work with refugees. In fact, except for the first few circus-like years when they were everywhere and being photographed all the time, the Jolie Pitts have done an excellent job of keeping a very low profile.
So why this sudden explosion of dirt and filth and bile? Why did Angelina choose to go so public and with so much “hell” unleashed so furiously? It is one thing to say she wants out and that she wants the kids. She could have used any videos and audios she had of him to blackmail him into agreeing to her custody desires. They could have done this quietly and she could have negotiated an exit that still allowed her to get sole custody if that is what she wanted and if it was so important to her.
But going to public so quickly and so furiously, it shows a woman bent on getting revenge. She is out for blood. And the way she plans to do it is to see that it that after her, Brad no longer has a career because his reputation will be completely destroyed.
Yes, it would appear that she wants to completely destroy her husband. Angelina Jolie’s actions suggest that her ultimate goal is to destroy Brad Pitt.
This, of course, could totally backfire on Angelina.