Is it Hypocritical of Angelina to Seek "Sole Custody" After Everything She's Said About Brad and She Parenting Together?

For nearly a decade, Angelina Jolie has waxed poetic about what a great father Brad Pitt is. She has talked non stop about how she and Brad formed a partnership so that they can “be parents together.” When she finally tied the knot with him it was so that “the whole family can be committed to each other.” She has made a big to do about their partnership in parenting those children. There are so many pictures of her and Brad as involved, loving parents to those children. It seems disingenuous for her suddenly call him a bad father and to try to cut him out of their lives except in so far as he gets to visit them from time to time. Is this the same guy she said was so wonderful up to just a few months ago? Was she lying?  Because now she is saying that she disagrees with is parenting methods. How long has she and he not been in agreement and what exactly are those methods and why did it take her ten years to suddenly have a problem with those methods?
The terms “verbal abuse” and “physical abuse” were used in the media and attributed to Angelina, as being the “methods” to which she objects. Is this therefore a pattern of behaviour over the years? Has Brad Pitt, in Angelina’s assessment, been verbally and physically abusing his children for over a decade? And has Angelina remained silent about it? Why did she remain silent and why is she suddenly going public?
Once on Oprah, Brad allegedly mentioned  an incident that had occurred with his adopted son Pax, where he had to discipline Pax and Pax apparently wet himself during the discipline period because he was not allowed to move from the chair. The details of the episode were not elaborated upon but it sounded like it could be construed as a bit…”abusive” depending on who you are and how you look at it and how you approach disciplining children. It sounded like he could be a guy who is very strict, tough and maybe not very merciful with the kids. But context matters and so labelling it “abusive” without more information would be inappropriate. But if it is an example of how he disciplined the kids, then maybe Angelina could be right about his “methods.” But it also means that she has condoned it for more than a decade and so it is a bit hypocritical of her to come forward ten years later and try to throw him under the bus.
The Child Welfare Services do need to figure out what exactly these “methods” were before they can determine whether Angelina’s request for sole custody should be granted. This investigation could yield some shocking surprises of what has been going on behind closed doors at the Jolie-Pittses as well as it could completely exonerate Brad. In which case Angelina’s request for sole custody is nothing but hypocrisy.