Why Did Angelina Jolie File Her Divorce in California and Not France?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have many homes all over the world, including several mansions in California and the South of France. Brad has referred to their french chateau in Provence as “a base for us.” Yet, when it was time to file for divorce and fight for custody of their children, Angelina made sure to file in the US state of California. Why?
For one thing, California is a community property state and France does not have a community property presumption. That means that in California Angelina will get half of the value of the couple’s marital estate (including any appreciation from pre-marital property that was commingled with marital property) – unless the couple has a prenuptial agreement stating otherwise. French law seems to be a more “equitable distribution” scheme.
Another reason is that under French law, Angelina probably would be unsuccessful with her bid for “sole custody” of the children. It is true that mother’s are the presumptive custodial parent most of the time in French divorces. But she probably would have an easier time convincing an LA judge to grant her sole custody than a French judge.
But the more important reason she filed in California is probably because California is the “home state” of the children and it is where most of their ties are, despite temporary absences due to various trips they make throughout the year. The home state for purposes of “jurisdiction” is the state where they children have lived for the last six months – not counting temporary absences.
Even if Angelina had brought the case in France, Brad could have had the case removed on jurisdictional grounds.
Besides, she probably realized it would make more sense if she had her case heard in English. She probably speaks a little french but not enough to deal with the french courts and the french judicial system.  On top of that, the divorce is likely to be adjudicated a lot quicker in California that it would be in France.
This would be my hunch of why she filed in California and not in France.
By Lawyer X