Brangelina Divorce Update: Could Brad and Angelina Call Off the Divorce?

What if Brad and Angelina decided to reconcile and kiss and make up?

Everybody, especially Jennifer Aniston fans, are rejoicing about this latest Hollywood scandal involving Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Since Angelina filed for divorce on September 19, there have been all this speculation about their relationship and about who will get custody of the kids.
Brad just cancelled an appearance at a movie premiere citing “my family situation” as the reason and not wanting to “distract attention from the film which he is encouraging everyone to go see.”
Did you notice the wording? “My family situation.”
This sounds like a guy who stillĀ feels a sense of ownership and belonging for this unit that is about to be broken to bits by a divorce. This sounds like a man who is nostalgic for the life he once had in the not so distant past.
I would not be surprised if this family reconciles.
Can you hear the silence coming from both camps for the past few days???