Angelina Jolie Powers Up With High Powered Entertainment Lawyer Bert Fields

This is a very interesting and strategic move on the part of Mrs Brad Pitt: she has hired a renowned entertainment lawyer shark named Bert Fields according published reports.
Why would she do that? She is getting divorced not striking a movie deal. She needs a divorce and family law attorney, not an entertainment law attorney. Moreover, she and Brad Pitt have a prenuptial agreement which according to TMZ is supposed to be airtight. They were only married for 2 years. They purchased zero properties during their marriage. The prenup awards all properties to the party who owned them before marriage and two properties which were bought during their marriage – one being that expensive chateau in the South of France – will be split according to their contribution.
So why does Angelina need Bert? He is an old guy, a well regarded lawyer and has been featured in the National Law Journal as well as other esteemed publications. I read this in part about him earlier tonight:

And Fields always seemed to be at the heart of any big-time, headline-grabbing Hollywood lawsuit. He achieved legal stardom by representing DreamWorks mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg in Katzenberg’s $250-million action against the Walt Disney Co. Katzenberg claimed that Disney, where he had been head of film production, owed him a slice of the profits from such hits as “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid.”
The case was settled out of court in 1999 for undisclosed but presumably big bucks. But the settlement came only after weeks of a trial that included Fields’ memorable examination of then-Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner. Among other things, Fields’ questioning revealed that Eisner had once said of Katzenberg, “I hate the little midget.” And no one who was in the courtroom will forget the sight of Eisner half rising from the witness chair to warn Fields that the attorney was pushing him too hard.

When I read that, I got a little bit nervous for Brad. Because Angelina is clearly anticipating some type of disagreement, even though they have an airtight prenuptial agreement. What could they disagree about that would warrant the hiring of a guy like Bert Fields Рan entertainment law guru?
I think she wants a piece of Brad’s company Plan B. This company is Brad’s and I have read that he owned it since he was married to Jennifer Aniston. They started it together, I believe. If the couple, Brad and Angelina, have a prenup, it is almost certain that the prenup already speaks to Plan B. But if Angelina went ahead and hired Mr Fields, it suggests that she wants to throw out the prenup and renegotiate for a cut of Plan B.
This is my hunch.
Could she get it? It depends. She could use other things to offset and negotiate for a cut. She could say that she will remain silent about any issues Brad had with how he disciplined the children, for example. If she has Mel Gibsonesque audios and videos on him, she could use it as leverage to say “look, I won’t diffuse these for everybody to hear and see what a horror you were to these kids if you agree to give me a cut of Plan B.” How big a cut? Well, it depends on what she has on him, I would think. She could also use it to offset her custody argument. She could say, “look, if I wanted, I could launch a claim for a portion of plan B because you owe me a slice of profits from these hits because I helped you do this or that. But if you give me custody of the kids, I won’t even bother.”
Chances are, she Angelina did not retain Mr Fields just to have extra weight on her legal wagon. She retained him because she believes she needs his legal expertise and that expertise is decidedly not in the family law realm. It is in entertainment and contract law. So this suggests an even bigger pow wow is possible between Brad and Angelina than anybody anticipated.
Stay tune.