Baby boomer women who divorce after age 50 Have to work longer past retirement

A recent study indicates that women who divorce after the age of 50 are more likely to be working well into their 70s than their counterparts who divorced before the age of 50. The data suggests that a woman’s financial security really takes a harder hit when her marriage dissolves later in her life than earlier. In some instances, these women had not been in the workforce but divorce forces them back to work after age 50.
This may not be totally a bad thing although the study does not speak about the benefits of working. But it is possible that going back to work after a divorce could be good for these women. Going to work keeps you active and vibrant and engaged in a way that sitting at home and growing old does not. In fact a lot of people – both men and women – who are able to retire choose to continue working because they find that working is more enjoyable than not. The article talks about women working into their 70s but that is no longer “old.” All you have to do is look at many celebrities in their seventies to see that it is still a young age where you can do so much. You can wear high heels and you can date guys in their 30s and you can go dancing and you can have ses sex. Seventy is not geriatric anymore unless you choose for it to be geriatric. So women who get divorced older and need to go back to work should not despair. It could be a blessing in disguise.
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