Judge Denies Brad Pitt's Request, Citing Children's Privacy, to Seal Divorce Documents. Pitt on Angelina "She has No Self Regulating Mechanism"

Quick: What happens when a man that lacks a “sensitivity chip” marries and divorces a woman without a “self-regulating mechanism?”
Brad Pitt famously dumped wife Jennifer Aniston who accused him of lacking a “sensitivity chip” (and frankly, at the time, he did) and ran off to Africa with sexy Hollywood bombshell Angelina Jolie; and a decade plus later, the ugly divorce is in the works and now it is Brad’s turn to call Angelina names. He says she lacks a “self regulating mechanism.”
This is so obviously a chip off of Jennifer Aniston’s old bloc. Jen is the one who first said something similar about Brad. He was incredibly insensitive the way he did what he did to Jennifer.
Now, karma has come – as it always does – and he is trying to turn this on Angelina. But is it really Brad who lacks the mechanism? Is he selfish? Is he impulsive? Is he insensitive? Was Jen right?
Brad tried to get divorce records sealed by the California court but the court is not having it. He feels that Angelina is violating the children’s privacy by allowing this information to go public. Is that really his primary concern? Or does he have something to hide?
It is true that Angelina could choose to do this privately. She obviously has something on him and she intends to use it as leverage to get what she wants, which, at this time, is sole custody of their six children together. It appears she has something on him and he does not want to risk that getting out. Her posture is cool reserve and he is hitting the panic button.
She should, however, be careful about her strategy. Even if Brad was a monster to those kids behind closed doors, the fact that she never said anything till now could work against her. It is a form of condonation. She condoned whatever abuse she is accusing him of whether impliedly or expressly. All of a sudden he is a bad dad? All of a sudden there was all this abuse? Why did she remain silent for a decade? What suddenly changed? What did he do to piss her off on a personal level that she suddenly decided to out him?
There is something missing from the story. This is not about the kids. The kids are the pawn. The kids are the blackmail. She has something on this guy. But what is it? Based on Brad’s apparent panic, he does not want to take the chance that anybody finds out.
In a way, you feel sorry for him. But in a way he bought this on himself.