Divorce Trends 2017

Divorce is still a hot topic around the world since we started this blog back in 2006. What are the new trends over the last decade?
Divorce Rate: In many places, we have noticed that the divorce rates have gond down. This could be due to a number of factors including that fact that marriage rates have fallen in many places. This could have an impact however negligible on the divorce rates. At the same time cohabitation rates are on the rise in many western countries. When these relationships end there is no need, quite often, for lawyers and divorce judges. Therefore this could also have an impact. We have also noticed that people are getting married older than before so this could mean a higher level of maturity which in turn leads to a better spousal pick which could reduce the rate of divorce. Also notable is the fact that marriage is increasingly becoming a thing for the wealthy or economically secure set and these groups tend to stay married for the duration. Thus, with fewer and fewer low income couple tying the knot (often money problems lead to conflict that leads to divorce), and more and more affluent people tying the knot (financial security reduces friction) the divorce rate subsequently goes down.
Custody: Increasingly,  custody battles are becoming a thing of the past because more and more jurisdictions are requiring parents to have parenting plans and to share custody of their children.
Alimony: Alimony awards are dipping downward. The notion of life long alimony, for example, is almost passé. It still happens but it is very rare as compared to ten years ago.
Prenups: More and more couples have prenuptial agreements and these are being enforced now even in jurisdiction that historical looked askance at them – such as in the UK. Of course, parties are still required to follow the basic rules so that the prenup is upheld by the courts.
Gay divorce: When gay people won the constitutional right to get married everyone in the industry expected the divorce rate to skyrocket. The reason for this is not clear but it could have something to do with the perception that gay couples are less stable than straight couples and that gay couples are more prone to promiscuity and adultery. So far this does not appear to be the case as there is no corresponding explosion of divorces in any jurisdiction that we are  aware of.
International divorce: These are increasingly in the news as compared to ten years ago. The number of multinational citizens around the world have increased and they tend to have homes in various places and so establishing which jurisdiction should hear their cases is always intriguing and watching them forum shop for the best outcome is also great fodder for divorce bloggers and industry insiders.
These are just some of the trends we have seen and will continue to watch in 2017.