Divorce Horoscopes 2017

For cappies getting divorced in 2017 they would do well to remember this quote “everything is going to be alright; maybe not now but eventually.” It may not be easy for impatient Capricorns who secretly believe they are entitled to the best life and the best marriages and the best everything, to adjust after a divorce. This failure of their marriage means that suddenly they have to face hard truths about themselves and about their lives and how that is going to look and feel now that they are flying solo. It will be difficult to “keep up appearances” when the world as you know is has been shattered. But, honestly, you have to believe that eventually,  this will work itself out and life will go on and you may even find a new love and a new marriage in due time.
The best thing I can say to Aquarius is that it is better to be divorced than to be in an unhappy marriage – pretending. Get yourself back out there as soon a possible. You deserve to be happy.
Your spouse did not deserve you. This person just could not appreciate you if their lives depended on it – and in some cases it actually did. It is their loss not yours. True you were not blameless. You were a bit of a mess in fact. But at the end of the day, you would have gotten the help you needed given the chance and given a little bit of patience. It just was not working and would not have worked no matter what you did. Was there someone else? It is very possible.
Your stubborn, pig-headedness was a big problem and continues to be a big problem and it will continue to be a problem in future relationships if you don’t get control of this and get help trying to improve. Your spouse was at their wits end with you. You just made it too difficult, Aries. Stop pointing fingers. Try to improve.
Only for you could divorce actually turn out to be exciting on day one. You will feel rejuvenated almost immediately, like a heavy load and burden has been lifted. And your financial settlement will be one of the most generous this year; you can do a lot with it. Do something daring other than buy more real estate. Start a think tank.
As hard is this is to hear, you are entering into the best time of your life. This is when you are really going to learn who you are and have the freedom, after many years of stable boredom, to go on a full blown exploration of self. It is going to be awesome.
Why oh why did you leave your spouse when you had the chance to try to work things out and do some therapy? This was your ego and pride that got the better of you. This is about you being unable to be proportional. You have pushed your spouse into the arms of the other. Now you will have to share custody and your children, as you feared, will be exposed to this persona non grata.  It may not be too late to change this thoug. There is still a sliver of a chance you can win your spouse back. Try.
It has been a year of ups and downs and it was the downs that finally sunk any chance that your marriage could have survived. Now you are moping around the place looking drab and grey. It is hard to muster any enthusiasm and as if that is not enough, Trump is going to be president. You were thinking moving to Canada. It won’t really change your live and your mood much. This has to come from within. Try to let go of this love/hate sensation. It will drive you mad.
Thank god for the kids, right? What would you do if you didn’t have them to offer you some distraction?  You are consumed with issues surrounding the alimony payments in your divorce. You don’t think it is fair. It is fair but it could have been more generous if your spouse wanted to be. It is not worth it to keep litigating the issue. Try not to make it an issue that requires more lawyer fees and court dates. You don’t have to win every war.
How many divorces are you going to have to endure? Well, if you keep entering into hasty relationships and marriages, who knows? You like being married and you don’t like being divorced. There is a little problem though: you are not fantastic at fidelity. For your next marriage, you will have to try to work on that.
The good thing is that there is still enough sexy left in you that you can find somebody else. Get going  making that happen ASAP. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Just move on. Accept that things fell apart and that it was a mutual fail and move on. It doesn’t mean you don’t have fond memories but don’t waste time feeling regretful.