Kim & Kanye or George & Amal? Bill & Hillary, Donald & Melania. Which Celeb Couple Will Split First in 2017?

Kim and Kanye did not have a great year and not just because she got robbed and he had a nervous breakdown. There are other things behind the scenes that they don’t show on TV and social media that ails their couple. A lot of people thought they would have divorced in 2016 but it does not look likely. They made it through another year but will they make it all the way to the end of 2017?
What about George Clooney and his Lebanese wife Amal Clooney? They seemed happy enough in the beginning but lately they are looking a little bit strained, as if one or both of them is trying really hard to make things work. Amal has changed a lot and is too much into her wardrobe it seems. George sometimes looks like a hypocrite rich guy trying to act like he cares about poor people. Will they make it all the way through 2017?
What about Beyoncé and Jay Z? They seem solid enough but could there be rifts in their marriage? Or could boredom set in? Or another woman?
What about Bill and Hillary Clinton? If there anything that could shake them that they have not already weathered and if so could it happen in 2017? What if Trump brings her up on charges for the emails?
What about Donald Trump and his wife Melania? Do you think they will make it to 2017? He is fixing to make his daughter his first lady. What if his wife gets jealous and quits the marriage?