Brangelina Divorce Updates December 2016 – January 2017

Several sources have been speculating about the real reason for the abrupt decision of Angelina Jolie to file for divorce from her partner of 12 years Brad Pitt back in September 2016. A few new theories have emerged to be added to old theories which include several debunked notions such as:

  1. Brad cheated with French actress Lawyer X Cottillard and impregnated her (this has been proven to be patently false)
  2. Angelina and Brad just grew apart as her hunger to solve global refugee problems eclipsed his interest in these types of philanthropies and as he became more entrenched in trying to become a billionaire through his production company Plan B (which he started with ex wife Jennifer Aniston)
  3. Brad has had a pattern of abuse against the children over the years and Angelina finally got fed up and decided that protecting the children was more important than having eye candy like Brad to walk the red carpet (the FBI and Child welfare services have demonstrated that Brad is not an abuser)

A few new theories have started to crop up as the months go by and their fight becomes more intense. These include:

  1. They were just bored and weary of each other.
  2. Angelina has mental issues due to hormone replacement therapy and she is acting out without realizing that she is acting out.
  3. Menopause is causing her to feel a deep, uncontrollable depression and she has lost her sense of proportion over any perceived wrong doing by brad
  4. Brad has Woody Allen-esque tendencies (although who would that be with given the ages of all his children?)
  5. Brad is like Jeckyl and Hyde after he drinks or takes certain substances.
  6. Brad’s parents did not like Angelina
  7. The couple has severe financial problems.

None of these theories make any more sense that the original theories. It is impossible to imagine that such an exciting coupling could ever grow tired considering how much globe trotting they did and all the exciting extra curricular activities such as flying airplanes over bucolic french villages in the Var, first of all. Second of all, even if Angelina is taking hormones for her menopause (and apparently these bastards can make a woman absolutely nutty) there is absolutely no indication that these medications were actually being imbibed by the Hollywood siren and even if they were, at all times she appeared to be impeccable and in perfect control of herself and her emotions. Furthermore, this idea of depression is just ridiculous. Sure people get depressed. Everybody gets depressed but episodes of depression wear off and by now, Angelina would have come to her senses if in fact this was about depression. As for the Woody Allen bit, it is difficult to even analyse what that means or who it could involve as Brad has only one adopted daughter and she is not even a teenager at this point, so there is zero chance that he is going to marry his daughter which is what Woody Allen did. Plus, it is his son Maddox who is said to have issues with his adopted father. Several reports are suggesting that Maddox does not “see himself as Brad’s son” even though he is very close to Angelina.
The rest is just speculation. Did his parents love Angie? They probably did because they love their son. This has nothing to do with his parents. Likewise, the financial problems issue (they point to the wild sell off of many of the couple’s real estate holdings) is totally implausible.
Nobody knows what is really ailing Brad and Angelina, except Brangelina. Maybe it is just as simple as “all good things eventually must come to an end.”
What is next for this couple in 2017? Well, a custody order seems to be the only thing left at this point – assuming there is no reconciliation. Will Angelina be able to erase Brad from the children’s lives? It is doubtful. But it looks as if, at least at this point, she is going to give it her best shot.