Could Brad Pitt Commit Suicide Because of The Divorce & Custody Battle With Angelina?

Brad Pitt is reportedly distraught and often crying about this divorce from Angelina and the fact that he feels that it is his fault that he messed up and thus is no longer in her life. But the loss of his children is weighing heavily on the Hollywood A List Actor too. He is afraid of what his life would be without his family and he is afraid of ending up alone. He is also afraid that his relationship with one or more of the children could be permanently damaged.
He has been staying sober according to toxicology tests he has voluntarily agreed to take to assure Angelina that he wants to be a better man, partner and husband. But so far, it seems she is turning a deaf ear.
Could this push him to the brink to do the unthinkable? Could a guy like Brad with so much to live for as far as material wealth ever get so depressed about something like this that he becomes suicidal? And if so does he have the kind of support in place to make sure he gets through this difficult time? This is the big question.