Tweeting About Your Divorce Can Be the Best Medicine

tweeting about your divorce
Should you be tweeting about your divorce? The conventional wisdom is that you should not use social media to discuss something so private as your divorce – that kind of indiscretion should be left to Kim Kardashian and her ilk.
But what if this is the exact thing that will make you feel better and help you heal? Many people use Twitter and social media to connect with others who share interests and issues. Tweeting about your divorce can result in a sort of online diary and it could be rather therapeutic to give yourself permission to be totally open and transparent not only about how you are actually feeling about the whole thing, but what you might even see as the way forward. Moreover, your community will undoubtedly feel sympathy and empathy and feel eager to help you get on with your life.
Not to mention the fact that some people have actually found love on social media so it is quite possible that your little tweets could draw attention to yourself in such a way that you meet someone new.
It also helps to read other people’s tweets about their own divorce as this can give you perspective really quickly.
Of course, it behooves you to exercise discretion and not just throw every caution to the wind. But used judicially, social media, especially twitter, could be just the antidote that you need to get your mental health back in order. Try it.