16 Marriage Resolutions to Help You Avoid Divorce Court

So marriage is hard work and strengthening your marriage is no easy feat but it is possible to avoid divorce if you pay attention to a few of the tips I am going to share with you.
Wanna have a happier marriage this year? Resolve to do the following:

  1. Listen more
  2. Be more empathetic
  3. Be less judgmental
  4. Be less exacting
  5. Practice laughter and joy
  6. Be more trustworthy
  7. Trust more
  8. Re-commit to fidelity
  9. Have a date night (and don’t slip up)
  10. Stop spilling your marital problems to everybody
  11. Let your spouse feel that he or she is the most important person in your life
  12. Bring home flowers at least 3 times
  13. Remember birthdays and anniversaries and plan something nice
  14. Accept
  15. See a therapist or marriage counselor
  16. Negotiate as much as possible