Divorce in India: The "Judge's Discretion" Can Result in Completely Ridiculous Outcomes

A recent New York Times article about Divorce in India caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. I just thought “how ridiculous!” when I read some of the reasons that a judge in India can exercise his or her discretion in granting or not granting a divorce.  The author wrote:

The country’s legal code offers a notably narrow selection of divorce-worthy faults, among them cruelty, incurable leprosy and renunciation of the world by entering religious orders. Many applicants plead “mental cruelty,” but defining mental cruelty is a murky affair, often coming down to a judge’s discretion.

The leprosy part raised my eyebrows. What? Is this relevant in 2017? But then with regard to the mental cruelty part, note some of the things that could be deemed “mental cruelty” by an Indian judge:

  1. Forcing a husband to move out of his parents’ home
  2. Deriding a husband as a fat elephant; and
  3. Excessive interest in politics

I just thought, “What? This is ridiculous.”
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