Donald & Melania Trump: What is their Secret for Avoiding Divorce?

Donald Trump and Melania Trump have been together for more than a decade. They seem to have a pretty solid marriage. What makes their marriage so strong and divorce proof? Melania has said that they are “very independent” and that they “give each other space.” She has also said that they “don’t try to change each other.” Could that be it. Is it that simple? Be independent. Give each other space. Don’t try to change each other?
During the 2016 campaign, Mrs Trump was noticeably absent most of the time and did not campaign very much with her husband and his children and children in law (for example Lara Trump). Many people began to speculate that the marriage was on the rocks. Then when he won, the couple announced that Mrs Trump would not accompany him to Washington but would stay at their Trump Tower residence so that their 10 year old son Barron could continue in his school.
A lot of people began to whisper about that, that there was trouble in Paradise. But the couple continued to hold steady, spending their Christmas and New Years together at their Florida residence Mar-a-Lago and going to church and otherwise being husband and wifey blissful.
So no divorce seems imminent.
So they are happy and they are in this for the long haul. And yes, maybe the secrets are the three techniques mentioned above. Food for thought for your own marriage, eh?