Should You Kill Your Abusive Husband? Or Just Ask For a Divorce? Wendy Maldonado Chose to Kill

Spousal abuse is very common in America and around the world. Women are more often the victim than men. Sometimes it ends tragically for the woman in that she is killed. But sometimes it is the woman who kills her abuser. Consider the story of Wendy Maldonado.
Wendy Maldonado was an abused wife and one night, she bludgeoned her abusive husband to death with a sledge hammer and hatchet. She ended up spending several years behind bars – ten years – for the crime but is now out free and living in Oregon.
The question is why didn’t she simply ask for a divorce rather than bludgeon her abuser to death? According to reports, she has said she stayed because he threatened to kill her and their four sons if she tried to leave:

The abuse allegedly started not long after her marriage to Aaron, who was her high school boyfriend. By the time Maldonado turned 17, she was pregnant and resigned to the idea that she was “never getting away” from her increasingly violent husband. Over the years, Aaron repeatedly threatened to kill her and their four sons if she ever tried leaving him, graphically detailing exactly how he would do it, she says.

What would you do in Wendy Maldonado’s place? Would you ask for a divorce and then disappear from his life? Or just kill him?