Planning to Hit Your Spouse With a Divorce Petition? Here are 15 Things to Think About


Planning to divorce your spouse?

Before you serve a divorce petition on your spouse, you ought to consider the following:

  1. Your frame of mind
  2. Your tax situation
  3. Life Insurance policies
  4. Health insurance polices
  5. IRAs & 401Ks and Stocks/bonds
  6. Domestic Relations Orders (if applicable)
  7. Your Social media presence & profile
  8. Finding the right lawyer
  9. Income tax liabilities
  10. What will happen to the real estate
  11. The pets
  12. The friends
  13. The kids
  14. Your laptop and emails
  15. The timing

This is hardly an exhaustive list. It is just the beginning point. The idea is that before a divorce petition is seriously contemplated you have to really think it all the way through. Because it is not just you who will suffer the consequences. It is the kids, it’s your friends. It is even your pets.
Prior to hitting your spouse with a divorce petition there are so many things to think about. For example, are you a famous person? Filing a divorce petition when you are famous is really very “final” in the sense that you cannot pull that back. Even when you get back together, if you do, the relationship is pretty much over because no one will forget that you filed.
So think long and hard before you serve your spouse with a divorce petition. Exhaust all other possible solutions first. It’s better.
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