Why is January Considered "Divorce Month"?

January is considered divorce month primarily because a disproportionate number of people file for divorce in January. Why is this? It is anybody’s guess. A lot of people speculate that, among other things, it is because:

  1. People just make new years resolutions to file when the new year starts
  2. People don’t want to make the family sad during the holidays
  3. People may want to take advantage of income tax laws
  4. People want to get a piece of their spouse’s year end bonus.

There are many other guesses why January seems to be a divorce prone month. It is as good a time as any to file, btw. It is not as if a petitioner loses anything by filing in January as opposed to, say, December. But it is noteworthy that so many people who file for divorce choose to file in January than any other month.