Your Post Divorce Makeover: 5 Things to Think About Changing

So you are recently divorced or just about to be divorced. Life is going to change and in probably more ways than five. You will have to adapt and it is not always going to be easy but it can be less daunting if you take control from the start of…your appearance. So here are five things that you could consider sprucing up or tweaking as you embark on your new life:

  1. Your glasses. Why? Because it will be a new way of looking at the world
  2. Your hair style. Why? Well, washing, cutting and coloring the old life out of your hair could be therapeutic.
  3. Your teeth. If they are browning or yellowing or if you have neglected them (or even if you haven’t) a cleaning, bleaching or filling by your dentist will make you feel and look fresh and new.
  4. Your exercise routine. Why? Because it is always good to mix it up sometimes. If you have been doing yoga for example, trying running or walking. If you have been lifting weights, try yoga. If you have been a couch potato, get off your buns and get to work. You will feel good and look great.
  5. Your diet. Make a tweak or adjustment to your diet just because it will give you a sense of control and if needed, could help you shed a few pounds. For example, cut sugar. Cut excess salt. Eliminate cigarettes. Reduce alcohol. Eat more veggies. Eat less. Eat more (depending on your situation). There are all sorts of ways you can change your diet post divorce.