Angelina Jolie "Brad Was Terrified the Public Would Find Out the Truth!"

In a recent court filing, Angelina Jolie agreed to seal documents pertaining to her divorce and custody battle with Brad Pitt but not before declaring that Brad wanted the documents sealed because he is “terrified” that the public would find out the truth about him. What truth is she referring to? That is a good question. It is the darndest thing because this woman spent 12 years telling the public what a great partner and father this man is. She always claimed that everything “made us stronger.” There are all these photos of the perfect, big, happy family on all these holidays in all these exotic locales. Was this not true? Was it all staged? Was it all a lie?¬† Because it seems to have just fallen apart so suddenly and mysteriously and the idea that this man is really a monster who hides truths from the public belies the image they projected for a decade. What possibly could have been happening behind closed doors that so totally finally broke her back in this way?
Is Brad an angry, mean drunk for example? Could that be it? In the last movie they made together, he played a drunk. Does he say mean things to her and the children when he is drunk? For her to be responding in the way she is suggests that he says mean things to her as well as the kids. She is personally offended by this man in some way. What could he have said to her?
Could it be about sex? Nothing can offend a woman quicker than the man she thought she loved attacking her in a sexual way. Either he just straight up refuses to sleep with her or if he does sleep with her, he makes like it is a big favor he is doing her. And why? He used to think she is so hot. Of course, her breasts were real then and she had not had to have a mastectomy. That is another thing. Men don’t like sickly women. Maybe she just had this sickly aura and this sickly smell and it wasn’t sexy and he stopped desiring her and it made her angry. But she has said, post surgery that he still made her feel like a woman. So that can’t be it. But something radical occurred between these two. And now love has turned to hate. And now she says he is terrified that the public will learn the truth. What is the truth, Angelina? Do tell us.