Divorcing? Unemployed? Try to Get a Job Before the Divorce is Even Final. Here are the reasons why:

For many women of a certain age, divorce can be traumatic in more ways than one. A lot of baby boomer women, for example, were stay at home moms. They either gave up their careers to start their family, or they married so young they never had a career at all. But with the durational maintenance rules in many jurisdictions (as opposed to life long maintenance) many are finding themselves in a financial pickle. This, actually, is not just true for baby boomers. Other generations of women also can have this problem.
In the article How Getting a Job Can Work for Your Client During Divorce, the authors advise women to re-establish their careers as quickly as possible, preferably before the divorce is even completed. Among the benefits to an aggressive job search while the divorce is pending are:

  • increased confidence
  • better structure to one’s life
  • something else to focus on other than the divorce
  • greater likelihood that the judge in the divorce action will respect you
  • less likelihood that the judge will think you are trying to creme your spouse for money
  • greater ability to counter the amount of income the employed spouse could try to impute
  • Being self-supporting is actually a good thing