Alimony to Stop at Retirement Age According to Most Judges' Rulings

Alimony reform is increasingly common across the country and women are usually the ones left holding the blade, as this article in Forbes points out.
A key marker for the end of alimony and/or maintenance payments is the age of retirement, that magic moment when the recipient of spousal support becomes eligible for social security benefits. To be clear, maintenance payments can end way before that. For example, if the recipient spouse remarries or cohabits with another, the terms of their award could stipulate that maintenance will end. Also, the death of the spouses will usually end the award. And there are other deal-breakers. But reaching the age where the recipient can receive full retirement benefits (usually between 65 – 70) is usually a milestone when the judge will take you off support – whether you are ready or not.
What happens if the amount you receive from your spouse is significantly greater than the amount you will get from social security?
That is a darn good question. I don’t know the answer.¬† But read this article which is quite detailed on this issue.