3 Unexpected Things Every Successful Marriage Needs

Every successful marriage needs a healthy dose of transparency, vulnerability and space in order to really flourish.
Transparency is needed because it is the only way to build and preserve trust in your marriage. Where there is transparency, there is honesty and accountability. No marriage can truly flourish without that.
Vulnerability is important  in your marriage and relationship. Many people are afraid to show their vulnerable side. They are afraid of rejection, of getting their hearts broken, of being less in control than they would like in an ideal scenario. But risking even the maximum rejection, the biggest heartbreak Рfor love Рmost often than not just grows the love and expands the orbit of the commitment. In other words, vulnerability is seen as a negative because the person who feels vulnerable or who makes him or herself vulnerable is fearful that they will lose control of their own hearts, minds and other aspects of their lives (including financial, physical and emotional). Marriage is a risk. But the bigger the risk the bigger the reward.
Space is important too because even though you are married, you are still individuals. Nothing can kill a marriage faster than people feeling boxed in or like they don’t have enough space to be themselves in the relationship.