How to Divorce a Woman Who Does Not Want to Have Your Kids

Women are supposed to want to have kids. This is normal. Some might even say it is biological. A woman who says she does not want kids is an anomaly at best, or at worse, there is some type of psychosis lurking in the deep recesses of her mind.
It’s pure nonsense, really.
I am of the opinion that if a man finds himself married to a woman who either refuses to have kids or fails to get pregnant after two years of marriage and frequent sex and attempts to breed her, the man should cut his losses and go find another wife. And I don’t say this to be offensive.  But child bearing is natural and biological and only women were given this honor and privilege to be the bearers of life on the earth. This is a big deal. It is just not normal when a woman doesn’t want kids or can’t get pregnant. And it is a frustration for a healthy heterosexual male.
When you divorce this woman, you should make sure to tell the judge that it is all her fault and not yours that the marriage failed.