How to Sell Your Divorce

Divorce can be a commodity which can be traded for profit. It is possible to buy or sell your divorce. How? Easy. Start a blog, for example. Or an online journal and build up an audience of loyal followers. Or it could be a YouTube diary where followers look forward to your next update with baited breath for a few months. From this modest start, write a book that captures your unique first person narrative of your divorce. You could focus on any aspect including the pre-divorce stage or post divorce stage or the actual divorce itself. This is money. So long as you get the books sold. This you do with shameless marketing and plugging and exposing yourself in every possible social media outlet and getting onto as many chat shows and getting media exposure.
Beyond the book, you can option the rights to your story if it is sufficiently compelling (and that is totally up to you to make it compelling) to a production company to turn it into a movie.
But there are other products you can create from your divorce. For example, you can start a Tee shirt line and use original quotes that you came up with that are based on the lessons you learned about the divorce.
You can create other types  of products including pens, knives, coffee cups and greeting cards. All of these would be made original with quotes or artwork that use your divorce as inspiration or as a theme.
Speaking of artwork you can create all kinds of interesting artwork based on your divorce – from watercolors to cartoons to sculptures and other design work.
Hey, you can start a line of bed linens or even jewelry!
It really is up to how imaginative and creative you choose to be about the whole thing.
How about a line of sexy lingerie?